Bihl Engineering Analysis and Design

  • PhD from the Air Force Institute of Technology (focus: big data, signal processing, cyber security and operations research)

  • MS and BS from Ohio University (focus: control systems, power systems, economics and sociology)

  • 7 published/accepted journal papers, 4 submitted journal papers, 2 published book chapters, 10 conference papers, 11 conference presentations and 2 AFRL technical reports

  • PHY Foundation for Multi-Factor ZigBee Node Authentication 8+ years experience in Operations Research: Analytics, Big Data, Remote Sensing, Multivariate Statistics, Cyber Data

  • 4+ years experience in Control Systems and general Electrical Engineering

  • 2+ years experience as Biostatistical Consultant for PIs at AFRL and Wright State University

  • On contract with SAS Press to write "Biostatistics Using JMP: A Practical Guide"
  • More than 10 graduate and undergraduate courses (24+ Semester Hours) developed and taught in Statistics, Probability, Programming, and Biostatistics at both the Air Force Institute of Technology and Wright State University

  • Technical consultant for 10+ AFIT MS Theses and 5+ AFIT PhD Dissertations

  • Committee member on 2 completed AFIT MS Theses (operations research) and 1 in-progress Wright State MS Thesis (biomedical engineering)

  • More than 500,000 lines of code written in Matlab and R

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